Mutual magnesium

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Mutual magnesium


Fertilizer type: liquid compound fertilizer

Fertilizer name: liquid fertilizer containing boron manganese magnesium urea compound(Add iron, copper, zinc,  molybdenum)

Product Details

Guaranteed Ingredients(%)                     

Total nitrogen 10.0

Water-soluble phosphoric acid 2.0

Water-soluble potassium   1.0

Water-soluble magnesium   4.0

Water-soluble manganese   1.0

Water-soluble boron    0.50

Net weight : 5kg

Because this product contains bovine protein, please store it in a place out of reach of livestock, etc., and do not apply it to pasture when using it, do not feed it to livestock, etc.

Mixed with lime liquor agent, because it is dangerous, toxic gases may be produced, please do not mix.


When mixing with pesticides, to confirm whether it can be mixed with the pesticide, follow the instructions for use of the pesticide, and follow the precautions for use indicated on the label (precautions for safe use, precautions for spraying, applicable crops, spraying concentration, spraying time, frequency, spraying amount, etc.)


When opening the lid of the container, watch for splashes of liquid, taking care not to get into the eyes.

When attaching to the skin or entering the eyes, rinse quickly with water.

If swallowed, take measures such as drinking plenty of water, and consult a doctor if there is any abnormality.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Please store in a cool, dark place.

Please read the instructions for use of this product carefully.