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South Korea imported sugar alcohol calcium magnesium soil conditioner

Compositon:  Calcium sugar alcohol Ca>25%, water-soluble magnesium 16%, containing organic matter, silicon, iron, copper, boron, zinc, and other trace elements. PH 7.0-9.0.

Product Details

Product features:

Using the world's most advanced sugar alcohol activation technology, greatly enhance the viscosity and absorption, calcium and magnesium in dolomite. Iron, copper, zinc, boron, manganese, key and other trace elements are completely released, improving the utilization rate of crops, and really using the trace elements that crops can absorb.

Product function and effect:

1, containing high quality sugar alcohol calcium magnesium and other medium and trace elements, prevent crop deficiency caused by bitter acne disease, black heart navel rot and dry heartburn, prevent cracked fruit, floating fruit, sunburn fruit and other physiological diseases, extend crop storage period, improve crop quality.

2. Improve the soil structure, promote the development of crop roots, prevent soil acidification, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer and decompose heavy metal pollution, resist repeat cropping and prevent dead trees.

3. Promote the formation of crop chlorophyll, strengthen leaf photosynthesis, straighten the stems and leaves of the crop, prevent the yellowing of the crop leaves, enhance the resistance of the plant, prevent the premature aging of the crop, good color, high yield.

Usage and dosage: (Contact your local distributor for specific usage)

1, bottom application, flushing, chasing, spreading, with farm fertilizer and compound fertilizer application.

2, field vegetables with 20-40 kg per mu, greenhouse vegetables with 40-80 kg per mu, fruit trees with 1-2 pounds per tree is best to ditch 15-25 cm or so applied. The fertilizer can also be adjusted into a paste and washed with water.

Applicable crops:

Apple, grape, citrus, cherry, ginger, strawberry, peanut, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, yam pepper, potatoes and other cash crops.