Vita N

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Vita N


Liquid slow-release nitrogen fertilizer

It adopts the world's leading veinal aldehyde process, the molecular structure of methylene vein is more stable, the ratio of available nitrogen and slow-release nitrogen is balanced, and the transparent veinal aldehyde nitrogen solution contains special slow-release additives to improve the absorption rate of nitrogen, and it reaches the plant body 6-8 hours after use, and can be fully absorbed in 20-40 hours. In the plant body, it is transferred, stored, metabolized and utilized, maintaining photosynthesis, the mechanism is up to 40-60 days, achieving long-term effects, providing nutrient power for the later stage of crops and increasing crop yields.

Product Details


Foliar application: Field crops, diluted 30-50 times, mu with 500g, spray 2 times throughout the growth cycle.

For vegetables, dilute 30-60 times and spray every 14-21 days.

For fruit trees, dilute 30-60 times the liquid and spray once in the pre-flowering stage and once in the young fruit stage.


This product should be stored in a cold and dry place; Foliar spraying should be best in the morning or evening on sunny days, and should be resprayed in case of rain within four hours of spraying;

When mixed, avoid miscibility with strong acid or strong alkaline products, you can first dissolve this product and other products in their respective barrels, dissolve well and then mix;

The pH of the final solution of this product determines the stability of the mixture, and the optimal pH of the mother liquor after dissolving in water should be between 7.5 and 11.0. The specific dosage can be increased or decreased according to the crop and soil fertility.


Total nitrogen (N). ... 420g/L

Rapid available nitrogen(N)..... 210g/L

Slow release nitrogen(N)... 210g/L