Taimu Le 2

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Taimu Le 2


0-32-21Mg6 No flushing fertilizer

Promotes crop metabolism                 

The phosphoric acid, magnesium oxide and various trace elements contained in Taimule adjust the physiological balance of crops, reregulate the excess nutrients caused by metabolism, promote the rapid absorption and utilization of various nutrients, and quickly restore physical strength to weak and poorly growing crops.

Product Details

Increase rapid fruit set and early ripening   

Phosphoric acid is a necessary nutrient for active cell division, especially in flower buds, young leaves, etc. Taimule phosphoric acid combined with magnesium oxide to improve absorption and utilization, flower buds enrich the essential nutrients for fruit expansion, and potassium boron and other trace elements that are indispensable for fruit hypertrophy help pollination, set fruit in advance, increase photosynthesis quality and increase yield

More delicious, obvious coloring, good commerciality

Taimule contains magnesium oxide, phosphoric acid, manganese, iron and other trace elements necessary for photosynthesis, which helps to transport boron products sugar, improve sugar production efficiency, and produce sweet and bright color crops.

Contains spreading agents that promote leaf absorption

In order to improve the effect of foliar spraying, it contains surfactants that promote foliar unfolding, and has a strong adhesion effect.


Spray 300-500 times with water every 7-10 days depending on growth conditions.

Applicable crops: vegetables, fruit trees, ginger, potatoes, grapes, winter dates and other crops.

Note: It cannot be mixed with alkaline substances such as lime and sulfur.

Specification: 50g 1000g

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