Taimu Le 1

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Taimu Le 1


30-4-4Mg5 No flushing fertilizer

Increase production

Taimu Le can regulate various nutrients, balance and smooth absorption, promote the thickening of leaves of leafy crops such as lettuce and cabbage, bulb hypertrophy, and promote the fruiting crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other fruiting crops to bloom and be full, the leaf color is thick green, and the fruits are hypertrophied.

Product Details

Promotes vibrant colors                        

Taimu Le evenly and quickly fills the nutrients needed by crops from the leaf surface, quickly improving the leaf color, helping to form a crop with bright colors.

Replenish nutrients for crops that are being worked

Low temperature and rainy season, cold, frost and other emergency responses, plant tiredness and weak root vitality, quickly replenish nutrients and quickly restore physical strength.

Contains spreading agents that promote leaf absorption

In order to improve the effect of foliar spraying, it contains surfactants that promote foliar unfolding, and has a strong adhesion effect.


Spray 300-500 times with water every 7-10 days depending on growth conditions.

Applicable crops: vegetables, fruit trees, ginger, potatoes, grapes, winter dates and other crops.

Note: It cannot be mixed with alkaline substances such as lime and sulfur.

Specification: 50g 1000g

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