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Imported from Spain  

Super Energy Phosphorus and Potassium  

Spain AGRONUTRITION FRUVEG S.L. uses the world's advanced chelation technology to process high concentration, full water solubility, high absorption rate of super energy phosphorus and potassium, the dosage form unique contains organic chelate synthetics, high safety, less dosage, good effect, antifreeze, stress resistance, quality improvement, increase production.

Product Details


1. Cuiliu super energy phosphorus and potassium: promote photosynthesis, accelerate the accumulation of nutrients, regulate the conversion of nutrients to the fruit, expand rapidly, increase sweetness, promote the early ripening of the fruit, the fruit has good appearance, super shelf-resistant, and is early to market.

2. Promote developed root system, robust plants, rapid replenishment of flower bud nutrition, robust flower buds, improve fruit set rate, flower preservation and fruit preservation, and bright fruit color.

3. Phosphorus exists in the form of polymers of different valence states, which can polymerize medium and trace elements that are not absorbed in the soil, and has a biostimulating effect to stimulate plant potential and improve fertilizer utilization.


It can be used in all growing phases of the crop.

Flushing: 2-3 kg/mu at the seedling stage, 2-3 kg/mu at the fruit setting and expansion stage, and 2-3 kg/mu in the color change stage.                      

Drip irrigation: 1-2 kg/mu at seedling stage, 2-3 kg/mu at fruit set and expansion stage, 2-3 kg/mu in color change stage.

Foliar spraying: foliar spraying with dilution of 800-1200 times or more.