Phyosol 20-20-20+TE

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Phyosol 20-20-20+TE


The use of high-quality raw materials, high NPK, while containing EDTA trace elements and vitamins required for crop growth, according to different ratios for crop seedling, flowering, bearing period, the entire growth period is not defertilization, not premature aging.

Product Details


100% soluble in water, fast dissolution, does not block irrigation and spray equipment, crops can be quickly and directly absorbed and utilized. It is conducive to rapid and healthy growth under adverse conditions such as low temperature or high temperature.

Rich in patented ingredients alginol, is a functional water-soluble compound, is a nutrient conversion accelerator, promote nutrient transfer and absorption, enhance crop protein synthesis ability, reduce nutrient loss, improve crop yield and quality.


Usage and dosage: 3-5 kg per mu by drip irrigation, 500-800 times by foliar spray

Applicable crops: vegetables, melons, watermelons, strawberries, flowers, ginger, potatoes, bananas, grapes, phase oranges, apples, etc.

Main free amino acid content (mg/kg)