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Containing Amino acid

Net weight 20kg

Amino acids enhance color and taste!

Product Details

Features: The raw material contains high amino acids, which can improve the activity of plants and maintain tree potential.


1, The composition of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium is water-soluble, It will improve and promote the growth of assimilated nutrients in the plant.

2, The role of amino acids is to promote fruit hypertrophy, coloring, sugar degree.


1、 Apply 5~10kg per 10 ares to water and fertilize the soil.

2、Seedling period of the leaf spray (strawberries, tomatoes, etc.) , please use 500 to 700 times. Also, if top drip irrigation, use 10 kg.

3、For deciduous, evergreen fruit trees, tea trees and seedling stage of the leaf surface spraying, please use 500 to 1,000 times diluent spray.

Use caution

1, This product is acidic, if the original solution attached to the eyes and skin, please rinse immediately.

2, If mixed with "lime sulfur mixture", may produce toxic gases, dangerous please do not mix.

3Please do not use it outside of fertilizer use