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Water soluble fertilizer with medium and trace elements

Anti-umbilical rot, anti-black heart, anti-sunburn, anti-cracking fruit, anti-yellowing

Product Details

Product characteristics:

1、High calcium content, easy to absorb, can supplement calcium for crops, and prevent and treat physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency; It can fully supplement the medium and trace elements needed by crops, solve the symptoms of deficiency and improve the disease resistance of crops.

2、Promote the healthy growth of plants, stimulate the potential and quality of fruit production, reduce storage period disease Harm occurs.

3、The shape of the fruit is correct, the skin is thickened, the fruit density is increased, the wear of the fruit is reduced by long-distance transportation, the appearance of the complete appearance is maintained, and the commodity of the product is improved.


Apples: 1000-2000 times diluent (1.5-3 L/ha) foliar spray, apples before bagging spray 3 times, application interval 7 days

Tomatoes, cucumbers and other solanaceous melons: 500-1000 times diluent (3-5 L/ha) foliar spray; Tomatoes were first treated at the end of the first flowering period, and then applied every 7-10 days, a total of 4 times; Cucumbers were first treated at the site-fruit stage and then applied every 7-10 days for a total of 4 times

Grapes, strawberries and other berries: 500-1000 times diluent (3-5 L/ha) foliar spray; The grape was applied once at the fruit stage, the second time 14 days later, and the third time when the grape was expanded to no gap between the grains, a total of 3 times. Strawberry was applied once before flowering, once during flowering, and once after 7-10 days (fruit growth period), a total of 3 times

Widely used in ginger, potato, pear, peanut, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, pepper, cherry, sweet potato, yam and other cash crops.


CalciumMagnesiumNitrogenBoronChelated copperChelated ironChelated manganeseChelated zinc

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